The Elmantine is a unique kind of jewelry created and designed by La Maison Valerus in Paris. Our design methods ally modernity and an artisanal know-how, completely handcrafted; a modern design combining drawings, 3D modelling, and some specific development of manufacturing methods. We have developed a unique know-how for this original jewel design. La Maison Valerus has developed its own methods of production for this exceptional jewel.


It is a noble metal which evokes the yellow gleaming of the sun, revealing all its facets and possibilities. Gold gives way to magnificent creations. This soft and dense metal has been synthesized by a successive generation of stars since billions of years. Gold is the king of all metals; it is the symbol of supreme reward. Gold does not alter nor deteriorate. Gold survives the ephemeral.
Due to its incredible malleability, gold is always used in alloy. The alloy process enables the variation of its natural yellow tint. For its creations, La MAISON VALERUS uses 750/1000gold, an alloy 75% made up of pure gold which allows this gold not to deform or spoil; This explains why gold is air and water-resistant.

Our 18 carats golden jewels display an hallmark: the head of an eagle; The specificity of the French jewelling.

The white gold

It is a skilful mixture of pure gold and pure silver.

The grey gold

To obtain the grey gold which we are using in jeweller’s craft, we apply a surface treatment on the white gold, called “Rhodiage”. This product gives grey gold its special brightness. This alloy consists of Gold, Silver and Palladium all covered with Rhodium.