Valerus is not simply the anagram of valeurs (values in french). Valerus is a set of valeurs inseparable from the legend of its jewel. Valerus is a subtle distinction that blooms out of its roots of elegance, excellence and creation.


Parisian excellence, the one that shines, the one that inspires surpassing oneself and transcending one’s own capabilities. Excellence which brings the special added value that can only be felt. We believe that excellence is a state of mind which prompts to a permanent search for improvement. Excellence suggests a constant looking for the continuation, for what is going to change everything. Excellence is predicting the future by creating it.


To create is to go beyond the established limits. To create is to reject the idea that improvement is impossible. Anyway, it is agreed that Impossible is not French. Creation is extraordinary. To create is to be inspired. It is to be in perfect osmosis with oneself, with others and with anything around us. Creation sublimates or magnifies the know-how, the experienced and the “formatted”. To create is to build the future distinguishing itself from the past.


It is to recognize the achievement. To distinguish is to differentiate. To distinguish is to be able to feel the added value. It is the climax of completion: his peak. Differentiation is the recognition of work, of devotion and of perseverance. Subtle disctinction is elegant.

Savoir Faire

La Maison Valerus possesses a specific expertise on the Elmantine’s design and manufacture processes: an expertise unique in the world. Our jewelers and designers are the only ones who have been faced with the different challenges posed by the legend of the Elmantine. A Parisian Expertise. Everything about the Elmantine is conceived, designed and hand made within the walls of Paris. We are proud and happy to be the only House to have the exclusivity to keep alive this Parisian legend that only a select few know of its existence.


Faithful to its legend which says that the first Elmantine was made from a single ounce of gold. Lucky-charm, once of gold inherited from the young man's grandfather who always carried it. Each Elmantine of the collection "L'Ulysse" is imagined with in mind the compliance with a weight of 31 grams of gold. A fine ounce of clean gold traced from Guyana.


Extracted with respect for local people and the environment of Guyana.


Precious metal that was extracted in accordance with low wedges populations and the environment, as opposed to «the gold of war» (from areas devastated by armed conflict) or «dirty gold» (extracted using highly toxic processes, such as mercury and cyanide).


It is to know its origin: countries, regions, mines.

It is to know its extraction process: impact on the environment and social conditions.